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With the power of brain medicine and technology

Each and every one will be healthy forever

Create a society where you can live affluently

The brain is the source of all possibilities

How does the brain develop?
Will it decline with age, or will it still grow?
Our mission is to provide services that enable us to live in good health forever by delivering the results of brain medicine and technology to each and every one of us.

Each person's brain has its own individuality, and because they are different from each other, they bring new value to society.
With the power of brain medicine and technology, we will contribute to the creation of a prosperous society in which each individual's individuality shines.

Maximize individual potential

Society, company, and myself

Business potential

Providing a platform for dementia prevention and transforming society

The Brain Suite business, which is the main service of CogSmart, measures the volume of the brain from head MRI images taken through medical institutions using AI image analysis technology, and includes information found from various tests. We visualize the health condition of the brain by comprehensively evaluating the information related to "items related to cognitive function such as memory". On top of that, by providing appropriate advice to the person, the purpose is to maintain a lifelong healthy brain (= "lifetime healthy brain") so that the examinee does not develop dementia. It is a service for medical examination.

With aging, the brain atrophies, cognitive function declines, and dementia can occur in anyone, but good and bad lifestyle habits such as exercise, sleep, eating habits, stress, and smoking can have an effect. I'm starting to understand. On the other hand, the hippocampus, which controls memory, has plasticity, and by reviewing lifestyle habits, cognitive function may improve and the brain itself may grow.

We believe that dementia can be prevented by maintaining the health of the brain even from the 30s and achieving a "lifelong healthy brain". In addition, even if you are in your 50s and 60s and your brain health is impaired due to atrophy of the hippocampus and deterioration of cognitive functions such as memory, you can improve your lifestyle by noticing the condition early and becoming dementia. We also believe that we can regain and maintain a healthy brain.

The solution for that is Brain Suite.

Currently, we are forming alliances with companies in various industries in addition to medical institutions to build a "lifetime health brain" platform.

-Toward a society where "lifelong health brain" is commonplace-

By bringing about change not only for individuals but also for society, we want to solve the major problem of dementia that society as a whole faces.

Referral site for examinees

Introduction site for medical institutions

​Company growth

To become a leading company in brain science and medicine that delivers brain health to the world

Social issues related to dementia and the brain are not limited to Japan, but are required to be solved all over the world. CogSmart has already started overseas expansion in order to solve problems, and in Hong Kong, a subsidiary is active with the support of a subsidy from a government-affiliated incubation facility. The adoption of this grant support is the first feat of a Japanese company.
CogSmart has a vision of becoming a world leader in connecting brain medicine, including dementia prevention, and society.

To that end, I would like to further strengthen my research, technical, and team capabilities, which will make a leap forward both in Japan and overseas.

Aiming organizational image

To an organization that maximizes potential

We believe that each person's brain has its own individuality, and that it is because they are different from each other that they bring new value to society. The same is true for CogSmart members. We aim to create an organizational culture that respects each individual's individuality and ideas and maximizes their potential.
We have already built a culture in which all members respect each other, and we have created a culture in which ideas and achievements are evaluated equally regardless of age or experience.
On the other hand, the organization is young and in the growth stage. Therefore, we are looking for someone who can grow and take root in that culture together.

A person who can accept and respect each other's diversity

A person who believes in his potential and has a sense of ownership

Someone who can maximize the potential of the team

-The person you are looking for-


Recruitment type

We are always looking for members to work with other than the recruited occupations. Please feel free to contact us.

 customer-friendly service in charge of promoting (service development and sales promotion)

We are looking for a person in charge to maximize the market value of BrainSuite by promoting and publicizing BrainSuite so that it will be noticed by end users, brain dock examinees, and building alliances such as tie-up planning with companies. To do.
As the person in charge, my mission is to make the best use of many seeds of CogSmart and build a "dementia prevention platform" under the CogSmart brand.

Business content

(1) Build an alliance with a company and plan and promote services that utilize BrainSuite (2) Plan and implement BrainSuite promotion and public relations activities for customers on your own (3) Create a system that assumes the establishment of a department in the future


・ Experience in promoting services for C


・ Experience in marketing services while coordinating with alliance partners ・ Experience in promoting in-house services ・ Experience in digital marketing

We are looking forward to those who are excited to take on new challenges such as new businesses and projects.

(Although it is a solid industry called medical tech, those who are playful are welcome!)

ー UIUXデザイナー

-In charge of promoting the introduction of services for clients (promotion of corporate medical institution sales and planning) -

We are looking for a person in charge who will sell to medical institutions that are clients of the BrainSuite business and make proposals for contracted medical institutions to maximize management activities by utilizing BrainSuite.
Our mission is to create a market for dementia prevention as an entity that directly returns the voice of clients to CogSmart by managing the entire client as well as planning and executing sales strategies.

Business content:

(1) Brain Suite promotion to medical institutions, sales, contracts, and subsequent usage promotion support (2) Support for medical institutions to use Brain Suite to achieve successful experiences and accumulation of knowledge (3) Construction of success patterns based on PDCA of sales activities (4) Team business management and performance management ((5) In the future, we will also entrust you with the development and adjustment of sales routes to medical institutions by utilizing business partners, etc.)



・ Experience in corporate sales (more than 2 years)

 * From project creation to closing and subsequent follow-up


・ Experience in planning sales strategies

・ Experience in sales to medical institutions

・ Experience in team management and agency management

Those who can make proposals from the client's perspective and plan and execute sales strategies are welcome.

(Blow in a new breeze while taking advantage of CogSmart's knowledge!)


ー except open positions ー 

Your strength may be needed for the growth of CogSmart.

Please feel free to contact us even if you are not currently recruiting jobs.


I am! We are waiting for you.




All the members are looking forward to hearing from you.

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